November 10, 2015

Union Hall Blues goes into rotation on KGUP 1065 FM – The EMERGE RADIO NETWORK

For those of you have heard Union Hall Blues on the new John Spicer Debut EP, Crossing Over Part One you already know two things.  A: Its a great song that has the potential to reach the heart of America.  And B: Its not your typical country radio single clocking in at over 5 minutes in length!  Having said that, worldwide Independent radio leader, KGUP 1065 FMKGUPFM – The EMERGE RADIO NETWORK recently heard Union Hall through a submission process on and contacted Legend Group Records President, Houston Curtis to let him know that KGUP loves John Spicer and would love to put Union hall Blues into rotation as they are starting to grow their hand picked independent country radio fanbase.

MAKE THE TOP 10!  Now that John is in rotation, it is up tot he fans to push him into the top 10 most played songs on KGUP!  In the past, fans have helped John earn the #1 Independent Country Single with Pretty Good At Lovin you, as well as the #1 Indie Country Music Video for the same track.

So, in order to request Union Hall Blues you can either call 1.206.736.9698 and also do a “shout out” with your request.  Or send a tweet to:

@KGUPFM or @KGUP1065FM request John Spicer’s Union Hall Blues from his latest EP Crossing Over Part One!

To Purchase Crossing Over Part One: click on any of these links: iTunes; Amazon; GooglePlay

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February 2, 2014

Robert Knight Snaps Photo Of John With Jerry Greenberg, Giles Martin, and Al Schmitt

John Spicer, Jerry Greenberg, Giles Martin, and Al Schmitt at Capitol Records Studio B

Renowned photographer Robert M. Knight – who has made his name shooting rock legends like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and  Eric Clapton, among dozens of others – was on hand at Capitol Studios tonight to snap this photo of John:

John Spicer, Jerry Greenberg, Giles Martin, and Al Schmitt at Capitol Records Studio B

The Boys

Yes, ladies and gents, that’s Mr. John Spicer with legendary music exec Jerry Greenberg, producer/songwriter and Sir George Martin’s son Giles Martin, and illustrious engineer/producer Al Schmitt.

Needless to say, we’re in good company these days!

John’s reaction?

“I don’t even know what to say,” said the artist. “There’s nothing to say.”

Right on, Johnny.

Stay tuned for more fantastic photos as we continue to run with the big dogs at Capitol Records!

January 22, 2014

A Touch Of Spice: Jamming at Capitol Records

John Spicer at Capitol Records

Check out John Spicer, bassist Mico Olmos, and drummer Patrick Caccia doing what they do best!

John Spicer, Mico Olmos, Patrick Caccia, and producer-engineer Tom Fletcher at Capitol Records jamming between takes on John’s debut album, to be released in the spring. Recorded in Studio A of the Capitol Records Tower. The following week we were in Studio B, where Merle Haggard recorded for much of the 70s.


October 8, 2013

Views From The Studio: Here’s Johnny!


Want to know what a week in the life of John Spicer, Recording Artist, looks like? You’ve come to the right place!

Yes, the production of John’s debut album is now in full swing! The Legend Group Records crew has been in the studio nightly working hard (or is it hardly working?) to bring this musical dream to life – and today we bring you an up-close-and-personal glimpse of the action:


Legend Group Records President Houston Curtis, who launched the label in the spring of 2012, has been planning John’s debut since he first discovered this talented musician in the fields of Southern Illinois. Houston, who has a lengthy background in the music industry, is the executive producer of John’s first album along with Dave Weiderman, and has had an intimate hand in developing John as an artist and choosing which of his many, many songs to record. The first night in the studio was spent mulling over – and over, and over – this important decision, but now we are well on our way to completing a hit album!

Enter “The Cave” – John’s home away from home away from home during the recording process. This is the place where the magic happens, and this is what we get to see when we walk through the door:

drums small

Pretty, right? This epic set belongs to master drummer Patrick Caccia, who’s played with Eric Sardinas and Steve Vai, among others, and is currently bringing the rythm for The Atomix and GroovyDo – as well as for John himself!

Patrick and fellow “Cave” resident multi-platinum producer/engineer/mixer Tom Fletcher are working closely with John to make his debut album a chart-topping succcess. Tom was recently quoted saying that John is the artist he has waited for his entire life for – and he has turned down three major label contracts in order to focus solely on John’s album…. Wow! As a producer and engineer Tom is responsible for some of the biggest selling records of all time from dozens of legendary artists including Yes, TOTO, Jeff Beck, Ozzy Osbourne, Don Henley, Hillary Duff, and many, many more. After 30 yearts of producing hit after hit for everyone else, Tom formed The Atomix to create his own record for LGR’s roster alongside Cave cohort and engineer Patrick Caccia on drums and virtuoso Mico Olmos on bass and guitar.

When Tom’s not having the time of his life producing John Spicer, he and The Atomix are writing and producing their own music. In fact, John and Tom recently wrote a song together for The Atomix. Yes – it’s “Cave Collaboration”!

In addition to Tom and Patrick, The Cave also occasionally plays host to LGR Executive Producer and Guitar Center’s head of A&R Dave Weiderman, who stopped by during week one to shoot the breeze before the crew began recording the album’s token heartbreaker track, “By Now.” Dave has been a constant supportive presence throughout the conception of this album – and he’s a hoot to have around!

spice and dave small edited

Thanks for coming through and showing us some love, Dave!

One night in the studio began with an extra special moment – John got his hands on a vintage 1970s Sho Bud steel guitar, courtesy of Legend Group Records. It may take him a while (a few days instead of a few minutes for this musical prodigy), but John is determined to conquer this contraption.

spice and sho bud edited

One step at a time, Johnny, one step at a time.

After we finished playing with John’s new toy, the crew stepped into the studio to get some serious work done. At least, as serious as it gets around here. There’s always time for John to jam a little before we get down to business:

john and tom small edited

We might be workin’, but we’re always laughin’, too!

After a quick warmup, Tom took the controls and John stepped into the sound booth to track acoustic guitar for his beautiful new ballad titled “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me.”  

spice in the booth small edited

Now, doesn’t he look like he belongs in there? When John’s in the booth, no one complains because no one has to – this dedicated musician is always ready to put in the hard work on guitar and vocals, and Tom and Patrick are always ready to push him to the next level.

Each night, after both John and Patrick spent some quality time in the booth, it was back to the control room to watch master producer Tom do what he does best – mix a beautiful album!

watchin small edited

Together, these three amigos – plus the ever-present President Houston – have managed to record four solid guide tracks in ten days: “By Now,” “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me,” rollicking sing-along “Country Girls,” and heartfelt ballad “In My Dreams.” Rough live recordings of both “Country Girls” and “In My Dreams” are now available on ReverbNation – stay tuned for the professionally produced demos, coming soon!

After the professional guide tracks are complete – no less than twelve tracks total – the crew will move to Capitol Records to lay down the recordings you will hear on the album itself.

Yes, recording an album is quite the process – but we have the best team a label could as for, and are moving ahead full speed! It’s all coming together – NOW WHO’S READY FOR A MASTERPIECE?

Legend Group Records President Houston Curtis and John Spicer would like to extend a special THANK YOU to both Tom Fletcher and Patrick Caccia for all they’ve done to make this album a reality.

Visit John Spicer’s Facebook and Twitter pages for additional info and to show your support! And don’t forget to check out the Legend Group Records Facebook and Twitter pages for the inside scoop on all things LGR.