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November 10, 2015

Union Hall Blues goes into rotation on KGUP 1065 FM – The EMERGE RADIO NETWORK

For those of you have heard Union Hall Blues on the new John Spicer Debut EP, Crossing Over Part One you already know two things.  A: Its a great song that has the potential to reach the heart of America.  And B: Its not your typical country radio single clocking in at over 5 minutes in length!  Having said that, worldwide Independent radio leader, KGUP 1065 FMKGUPFM – The EMERGE RADIO NETWORK recently heard Union Hall through a submission process on and contacted Legend Group Records President, Houston Curtis to let him know that KGUP loves John Spicer and would love to put Union hall Blues into rotation as they are starting to grow their hand picked independent country radio fanbase.

MAKE THE TOP 10!  Now that John is in rotation, it is up tot he fans to push him into the top 10 most played songs on KGUP!  In the past, fans have helped John earn the #1 Independent Country Single with Pretty Good At Lovin you, as well as the #1 Indie Country Music Video for the same track.

So, in order to request Union Hall Blues you can either call 1.206.736.9698 and also do a “shout out” with your request.  Or send a tweet to:

@KGUPFM or @KGUP1065FM request John Spicer’s Union Hall Blues from his latest EP Crossing Over Part One!

To Purchase Crossing Over Part One: click on any of these links: iTunes; Amazon; GooglePlay



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